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Child Music Therapy

There was a total of 194 participants from 27 different countries, including the library participants, and of which around 130 were present.

The warm and joyful atmosphere was exceptional, and we all will remember this for a long time.

We planted the seeds of new knowledge, collaboration, friendship, and love in all its dimensions

Special heartfelt thanks go to the music performances of the babies and children form the Juvenalia Music Institute and Ninni Repo; and to the Lied-Duos from the Vantaa Music Institute and Saara-Maija Strandman and Marjukka Eskelinen.

The conference ended with us experiencing something unique. Conductor Tuomas Törmi and the symphony orchestra of the Länsi Uusimaa Music Institute took us to a Music & Imagery journey with “The Magic Hot Air Balloon” created by the Researcher, Music Therapist, Musician and Composer Ilan Sanfi.

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