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Keynote on Improvisation and the Brain InJazz Festival

“We all improvise!”

On 22 June, inJazz is honoured to present a keynote speech by Artur C. Jaschke (PhD), who is a Research Professor in Music-based Therapies and Interventions at the department of Music Therapy at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Enschede (the Netherlands). He will talk about the years of research that led to his book Toekomstmuziek: Muziek, Improvisatie en de Hersenen (Future Music: Music, Improvisation and the Brain), Uitgeverij HetMoet, Amsterdam, 2021.

While completing a Bachelor degree in Music (focused on both double bass and drums), jazz lover Artur Jaschke developed a strong interest in music cognition and the neurology of music. This led him to complete his Master’s degree at the Universiteit van Amsterdam in Musicology and Music Cognition (thesis title: Controlled Freedom: Cognitive Economy versus Hierarchical Organisation in jazz improvisation) and his PhD at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in clinical Neuropsychology with a specialisation in clinical Neuromusicology.

Artur C. Jaschke remains connected to the aforementioned institutes and is a visiting researcher cognitive neuroscience of music at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the University Medical Center Groningen. He is an Editorial Board Member of “interdisciplinary journal” Music and Medicine.

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